zaklady zimna zahradaThe foundations of a winter garden are strictly recommended to be discussed with your winter garden supplier.

strecha zimnej zahradyGlass or sheet metal or tiles in a winter garden?
The issue of material properties has been mentioned several times – it is not an exception at this point. When dealing with this topic, we very often encounter the issues of safety and light properties.

zivotnost zaruka zimna zahradaWe provide a standard 2-year warranty for our winter gardens. Provided that the customer respects our recommendations (e.g. the recommended roof slant) and has the winter garden completely delivered and assembled by our company, we extend the warranty to 3 years as we can take over the whole project implementation and full responsibility for the outcome of our work.

montaz realizacia zimna zahradaThe assembly and implementation of a winter garden is one of the most demanding parts of the whole project.

drevo hlinik zimna zahradaDo you find difficult to decide which one to choose? Wooden, wood-aluminium, plastic or aluminium winter garden? Supporters of PVC and aluminium argue that wood needs to be taken care of. Of course, each of the materials named above has its positive and negative properties.