Not all systems and alternatives inter gardens available on the market are truly year-round winter gardens. This is due to various reasons and limitations such as heat insulation or structure itself.

The construction design of winter gardens that we offer is exceptional because the above mentioned wooden or wood-aluminium profile of the opening parts ranges in its thickness from 78 to 92 mm. Structural and load-bearing elements range in thickness from 138 mm to 238 mm. An expert static report is elaborated for each of the atypical garden designed. When it comes to atypical and oversize wooden elements in the interior, our company is the best choice to deal with the challenge.

vynimocnost zimnej zahrady - priestor

The material thickness itself suggests that the insulating properties compared to other systems are twice as strong as normally. In order to achieve the best possible properties, three layers of glass in the thickness from 36 to 48 mm can be installed, the wood-aluminium profile itself is 92mm thick. Just to compare, plastic (multi-chamber) and aluminium window profiles from 68 - 92 mm are used in family houses. It is certainly interesting that this combined plastic-aluminium profile is used in winter gardens only rarely and thinner profiles of a thickness of 52mm are preferred. The thickness itself suggests that a given combined system of aluminium and plastic cannot meet the same requirements as for thermal insulation properties, as in our system we only use 3 layered glass with a thickness of 48 mm ...

interier zimnej zahrady

We are convinced that even a year-round winter garden should dispose of the same thermal insulation properties as a family house does. The question is, why to use thinner glass or windows in a winter garden?

The roof and slant of a winter garden is one of the key elements in the design and construction of winter gardens. In most cases, the situation of the original building does not allow us to design the pitch of the roof ideally, in some cases the slant is only 2 ° (while the required slant of aluminium and plastic garden suppliers is at least 10 °). We managed to solve this technical and practical problem by modifying the construction and connecting material between the glass elements. We can design, create, and assemble roofs of a low slant degree and thus create barrier-free drainage of roof water - which resulted in a significant reduction of pollution on the glass roof caused by acid rain ...

  • Even after years of experience and number of our projects, we cannot say with certainty which winter garden is the best, as each system is suitable for its own customer and each customer has different ideas about how to use it. But we know for sure that our system of winter gardens is different and meets even the most demanding criteria and requirements called for by customers or architects.