"Anyone who owns a well-functioning winter garden gets a unique space for everyday rest with unconventional views out of the comfort of his own home..."

A very important question in the construction and design of a winter garden is what material to use.

In the decision-making process, we must consider a few factors such as the purpose of a winter garden, its maintenance and durability of the materials themselves. Every material such as wood, aluminium, plastic, metal has its specifics, positive and negative properties, but their combination can create a unique, maintenance-free winter garden and extend its life up to 50 years.

One of the finest alternatives to choose is a wood-aluminium construction that combines the positive properties of both materials. Aluminium is used on the outer of the structure as a protection element in summer and winter. It protects the wooden structure from external influences such as hailstones, UV radiation or mechanical damage. The inner part of the structure is made of wood which creates pleasant atmosphere inside the winter garden and provides thermal insulation at the same time.

Zimná záhrada kombinácia drevo - hliník

  • Wood-aluminium construction been rated the highest ranking in the design of winter gardens and is characterized by excellent insulation, aesthetic, and design properties. This combination of materials outclasses plastic and aluminium as is not subject to the whims of the weather and temperature fluctuations. The advantage of the wood-aluminium framework structure consists in its minimum length thermal expansion, which is the biggest disadvantage of aluminium structures. As a result, there is no need for large dilatation in large-sized winter gardens. Of course, dilatation is required on the aluminium outer profiles, which, in contrast to the wooden framework structure, operate thermally. Due to the perfect properties of wood and aluminium combined, winter gardens can be designed and built as self-supporting structures without any limits and constraints. The surface of the exterior aluminium elements can be treated with paints in the full RAL colour range. A transparent but also pigmented finish can be applied to all wooden elements.

The combination of WOOD-ALUMINUM - winter gardens look very elegant, modern, perfect and correspond to the current minimalist style, what is more, they have an unlimited life.

drevo hliníková zimná záhrada

Advantages of wood aluminium winter gardens

  • solution for statically and structurally demanding projects
  • modern architecture for pretentious architects and customers
  • natural wooden construction element visible in the interior
  • extending the life of wooden structures (aluminium protection from the exterior), minimal care and maintenance
  • wide variability of colour shades
  • excellent thermal insulation properties
  • clean, elegant, and simple construction detail of a winter garden, using modern architecture