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Building material

I want to make sure. Is the whole winter garden made of wood?

We produce exclusively wooden winter gardens. The components such as window frames, supporting columns, beams, tie-beams and detail solving (covering strips etc.) are made of wood.

The only part not made of wood is the roof exterior:
It is made of glass placed to an aluminium profile with a high quality sealing so as to prevent rainwater from getting in contact with wood. The gaps between the glasses are filled by special UV resistant silicone which has an excellent glass or tile (roof tile, metal tile) adhesion properties and adaptability to the dimension changes


As wood can change by time and the glass can crack what is the guarantee provided for your winter garden?
The guarantee provided by our company for any winter garden in three years or five years provided that all our recommendations have been met (recommended roof angles, the entire work delivery and assembly to be performed by our company which therefore takes over full responsibility for the work.)


Winter garden assembly

Winter garden assembly
According to the information on your website, you also provide metal tile roofing. We would like the same metal tile as we currently have on our house roof. The question is, can you assembly the roof, if we buy it ourselves?
In case you want to use your own roofing, our company can assembly the roof without any problems. As for the more complicated roofs assembly (transverse gable etc.), we cooperate with tilling specialists and we hold guarantees for the construction and work as a whole.



Winter garden – plastic, aluminium or wood?

Our family is just trying to choose between wooden and plastic or aluminium winter garden. The supporters of plastic and aluminium are in favour of these materials supporting them by the argument that wood needs too much care. Could you explain why the wood structure qualities top the plastic and aluminium structures?  
Plastic and aluminium winter gardens are advantageous due to their care free running in comparison with wooden winter gardens. Wood really requires good maintenance. However, the need of maintenance is often exaggerated and used as an argument to support non – wooden constructions. Therefore the question of what is really involved in the wooden garden maintenance should be asked. The surface treatment progress has brought high quality and long lasting varnishes protecting the wood form aging during the years and thus allowing minimal maintenance when compared to the surface treatment and maintenance need from the time 15- 30 years ago.