References are an important source of information in the course of a supplier choice or as an inspiration in the course of a garden choice.

Spending some time in the interior, enjoying its atmosphere and having a detailed look at the winter garden is the most convincing.

Therefore, we have prepared 3D visualisations for you. In each of the presented winter gardens, you can enjoy a variety of angles and zoom in the desired details. 

In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us:


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3D Visualisation

EURO style EURO style 2
vizualizacia-euro-styl-uv vizualizacia-euro2-styl-uv
show-visualisation3 show-visualisation3
EURO style 3 EURO style 4
euro styl nove mesto m euro styl stupava m
show-visualisation3 show-visualisation3
EURO style HS Portal ITALIAN style
euro styl praha m vizualizacia-tal-styl-uv
show-visualisation3 show-visualisation3
JAPANESE style